Lightning Components in Quick Actions

Lightning Components are the go to things in almost everything in Salesforce Development nowadays. There are so many things changed from Salesforce classic to Lightning. One of which is below :- What has retired ? Custom button on details page with open Visualforce or execute JavaScript. What is the solution ? Actions. With actions you … Continue reading Lightning Components in Quick Actions


Hybrid Mobile App Development with Salesforce Android SDK

For offline solution and for providing specific functionalities for a mobile user, one can build their own custom app using Salesforce SDK. Salesforce has SDK for both Android and iOS, which has made mobile development, simpler and faster. One can build native, hybrid and HTML apps based on their business requirements.   The difference between … Continue reading Hybrid Mobile App Development with Salesforce Android SDK

Salesforce1 Navigation and Page Design

We often found that navigation in Salesforce1 specially from a Visualforce page, using java script is sometime little tricky. There are two most common reasons because of which it happens Bad usage of JavaScript. Yes it is the most common one Missing Publisher.js when using publisher action (Object Specific) According to me it is 90% … Continue reading Salesforce1 Navigation and Page Design

Salesforce Analytics API with AngularJS – PART 1

Salesforce has released Salesforce1 Reporting REST API in its winter 14 release. The API lets you integrate the data into any web or mobile application, inside or outside the Salesforce platform. For example you have a web or a mobile application where you have to display a report or a graph from the data fetched … Continue reading Salesforce Analytics API with AngularJS – PART 1