Hybrid Mobile App Development with Salesforce Android SDK

For offline solution and for providing specific functionalities for a mobile user, one can build their own custom app using Salesforce SDK. Salesforce has SDK for both Android and iOS, which has made mobile development, simpler and faster. One can build native, hybrid and HTML apps based on their business requirements.


The difference between the three types of mobile apps are as follows:

1. Native: iOS or Android, OS specific, rich graphics, very stable, tightly coupled with device, online and offline functionality, longer development time.

2. Hybrid: Most common, not specific to OS, faster development time, online and offline, loosely coupled with device, faster development time.

3. HTML: Web apps, not OS specific, fastest development time, only online, no device access.

In this blog I am going to show you how to setup Salesforce Android SDK and getting started with Hybrid Mobile development.


  • Java
  • Ant
  • Git (not required right now but important)
  • Node.js

Make sure path for each of these is configured.

For the next steps I have recorded a video. It is done in a bit hurry so please pause and play don’t miss out any important steps because setup is the crucial part of mobile app development.

Hybrid Mobile App Development using Salesforce Android SDK


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