Overcome Salesforce Tabs Limit

Salesforce has a limit of 25 custom tabs per organization. Which sometime creates bottleneck when there are lot of VF pages and custom objects. I faced this problem in one of my project and got an idea that, what if we have one tab which will have sub tabs for all the custom objects. By doing this we will be able to save the limit, and consume only one tab for n number of custom objects.
And the other idea was to make it reusable so that it can be deployed and configured in any org. That is the reason created a unmanaged package which can be installed easily in any org and can be configure in simple steps.


Extra Tabs


  • Go to custom setting -> Tab View Details
  • Click manage add new entry ->
  • Name :- API name of the object
  • Object Label :- Display name of the tab
  • height :- height of the tab section display. Default to 600 which is ideal
  • Order :- Tab sequence
  • Profile Name :- Names of the profile for which the current Tab will be displayed separated by comma

Tab View Details

Add “Tabs” tab to different profiles and access to the VF pages. And we are done.



Note :- It will work for all custom objects but for standard objects it will show only those object whose tab is available already in Salesforce means object like Task,Event etc cannot be added in Extra Tabs.

Please provide your feedback and comments

Thanks 🙂


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